Above are my small collection of quilts which I have made over the last 5 years.  I have always loved quilts and when I started to learn the basics of how to built a quilt for my M A show I became hooked.  I use my own hand dyed, screen printed, flocked fabrics and often specially design digitally printed fabric motifs. I use a lot of silk and other natural fabrics like linen, hemp and organic cotton.  So far, my quilts have been inspired by bees or subjects with some relationship to bees.

Colour of Honey Quilt

This quilt is a adaption of my huge improbable cushion, which I made for a group show in New Brewery Arts Center called Second Impressions, 2012   It contemplates an article about French bee keepers strange blue and green hued honey.

History Repeating Itself Quilt

It s a combination of digital, screen printed and hand dyed pieces . All the portraits are bee related -including Muhammad Ali, Napoleon, Cleopatra and Karl Von Frisch- who discovered the bee waggle. It has an intentionally ecclesiastical feel to it. The screen printed flower motifs around the edge were inspired by encaustic tiles from the floor of St Davids cathedral. The back is made from gold hand dyed silk/ bamboo.

Patch-a-day embroidery Quilt

This was a challenge I set myself to hand embroider a hexagonal patch a day. It was loosely inspired by the weather, seasons and local flora and fauna. I did a patch a day for six months.