Queen Bee Chair Project

This was my first exciting collaboration with Mel Shearsmith from A Peculiar Grace upholstery.  We set out on a journey to cast our combined skills on an unloved but potentially resplendent chair.  The queen bee chair was our first joint creation.

The design was inspired by the connections and attractions of shapes relating to flowers, bees, hexagons and honeycomb, using pollen colours as a pallet.  The buttoned seat back was covered in a placement print of digitally printed organic cotton twill, with my own custom designed buttons.  Mel provided the velvet for the rest of the chair and upholstered it.

I am currently in the process of sampling some digitally printed velvet for our next project and can see the potential of screen printing and digitally embroidering small motifs in places, in the future.

We are both commited to using natural and recycled fabrics with traditional upholstery techniques.