Effect / Transform

These are pictures of the final installation I made for my M.A. degree show in Multi-disciplinary Print at UWE, 2012.

I designed, printed and stitched all the items using a mixture of digital print, digital embroidery, and silkscreen printing methods including illuminated discharge and devore printing.

The headboard was upholstered in digitally printed silk/satin by Sofa Riot

This was a project about Transformation to showcase the various printing skills I acquired during my MA.  I reinvented an old bed, elevating it into something more like a throne.  The colours were inspired by the Far East-which has always influenced my work.  The motifs are metaphors for my hopes, fears and dreams, which featured stylised images of bees, owls and peacocks.  I wanted the final result to exhibit both traditional and contemporary techniques and give a sense of opulence, aspiration, comfort and inhibition as well as rhythm, texture and balance.